18 wheeler accidents in houston texas


Chain reaction 18 wheeler accidents happen on busy highways. These crashes happen when a heavy truck rear-ends a car or truck in front of it, which then rear-ends another vehicle, and so on. These are certainly complicated legal cases for victims and their truck accident attorneys.

Although you and many others may assume the truck driver is automatically at fault for these kinds of 18 wheeler crashes, this is not necessarily the case.

Determining Fault in Chain Reaction Accidents

When chain reaction accidents involving multiple vehicles tale place, the fault is generally assumed to be with the driver who initiated the first crash. While is often true, sometimes it is not the whole story. Finding the cause of the initial impact plays an important role in determining fault and deciding which parties are responsible for damages or injuries.  

Chain reaction 18 wheeler accidents are dangerous crashes that can result in severe vehicle damage and sometimes fatal injuries. Any operator who fails to stop his or her truck in time and hits another vehicle is usually found to be at fault and responsible for damages and injuries. Yet to confirm fault in an 18 wheeler crash, truck accident attorneys must investigate the accident to determine what caused the truck driver to be unable to stop the chain reaction crash from happening in the first place.

Causation and Responsibility

When chain reaction 18 wheeler accidents occur, it is essential that the cause of the initial impact be discovered. Truck accident attorneys will first examine whether the truck operator was in negligent. A distracted or fatigued driver who did not react quickly enough to stop his or her truck is negligent, which makes them responsible for the accident.

Similarly, when drivers operate outside of their Hours of Service, knowingly operate vehicles with mechanical issues, are speeding, fail to take precautions due to bad weather or otherwise act negligently - they could be found at fault. This means the trucking company is responsible for damages and injuries resulting from the chain reaction. If chain reaction 18 wheeler crashes result from mechanical failures or other problems the driver could not control, fault may be distributed comparatively.

Many Involved Parties

Like other 18 wheeler accidents, there are many parties who could be involved in creating the conditions leading to the crash. Determining liability and individual responsibility can be a complex undertaking for lawyers burdened with proving fault and insurance companies attempting to place blame on other parties.

Although most chain reaction 18 wheeler crashes are found to be the fault of the truck operator, there are times when the driver is not completely at fault.

To ensure all victims are properly compensated, truck accident attorneys must carefully investigate 18 wheeler accidents caused by a chain reaction and determine the exact facts. Whether negligence, mechanical failure, or something else is to blame, responsibility can then be assigned to the proper liable parties!

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