Areas of Practice for I10 Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck Accidents, Causes of Truck Accidents, Violations of Insurance Code, Serious Personal Injury Claims, and Claims Involving Wrongful Death

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At I-10 Truck Accidents, our attorneys have the skill and experience necessary to provide dedicated legal counsel to victims of trucking accidents in Texas. Our lawyers are highly trained in trucking accidents and truck accident causation, with extensive knowledge of the trucking industry and its regulations. Our legal team provides compassionate, thorough representation to seriously injured clients as well as the surviving family members of those killed in truck accidents.  The attorneys at I-10 Truck Accidents offer committed legal service in the following areas of practice:

  • Truck Accidents – Anyone involved in a tractor trailer or big rig accident needs experienced legal help to receive a favorable settlement. These accident claims can become very complex, so working with the right attorneys who know the trucking industry is essential.

  • Trucking Accident Causation – There are many reasons why truck accidents happen; finding out the cause requires extensive investigation and research. In many cases, determining who is responsible is important for those injured to gain the settlement to which they are entitled.

  • Personal Injury – Personal injury claims that result from accidents with 18-wheelers can be complex, especially when the injury is very serious, such as a brain injury or other permanently debilitating trauma. Brain damage, paralysis, and other serious conditions caused by a truck accident require experienced legal assistance to help victims seek an appropriate settlement that is representative of the seriousness of their injuries.

  • Wrongful Death Claims – The family members of a person wrongfully killed in a trucking accident have the legal right to file a claim against responsible parties. Reaching an equitable wrongful death settlement requires the help of attorneys experienced in these types of claims.

The lawyers with I-10 Truck Accidents have the extensive knowledge and skill required for dealing with these kinds of personal injury and wrongful death cases, whether settling out of court or going to trial. Our attorneys work to get clients compensated for their personal injury claims.

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