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Trucking accidents involving semi trucks are much different than any other traffic accident that involves passenger vehicles or small trucks. The results of these accidents are often more severe because of this fact. Commercial trucks like 18-wheelers are subject to highway regulations stricter than personal vehicles, which may become an important consideration when truck accidents happen. Unfortunately, there are many instances when truck drivers and trucking companies do not comply with federal regulations regarding safe operation of these huge vehicles – and the results can be devastating. Building a substantial accident case frequently depends on understanding trucking laws and identifying when laws have been broken and resulted in accidents.

Offering experienced legal representation, the attorneys at I-10 Truck Accidents understand the importance of having a thorough knowledge of the trucking industry as well as the federal regulations that apply to all commercial carriers. They have extensive experience in handling many trucking accident cases of all kinds and work to get clients the best settlements based on the specific case and the client’s desire to either settle out of court or go to trial.

The I-10 Truck Accident Lawyers are the best choice to represent anyone injured in a big rig accident on or near to I-10 in Texas. Our lawyers have many successful truck accident cases to their credit – including serious and permanent injury cases resulting in multi-million dollar settlements.  They are ready to help anyone in need of their experience and perseverance. The lawyers at I-10 Truck Accidents help victims injured in truck accidents under the most challenging circumstances  present a valid case against all responsible parties.

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