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T-bone or side impact big rig accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents involving large trucks and passenger vehicles. They are more common off the highway in stoplight traffic settings. T-bone big rig crashes can be terrifying, causing passengers of smaller vehicles to be seriously injured. Read the information below to understand how these big rig wrecks happen and to help reduce your chance of being involved in one.

Dangers of T-Bone Accidents

T-bone big rig crashes are a very graphic depiction of how this type of accident occurs, as they usually occur at a likewise-named intersection where one street dead-ends into another street. There are just about always some form of stop sign or stop light for the vehicle traveling on the dead-end street.

This type of trucking accident results in a heavy truck crashing into the side of a smaller vehicle, although it can involve a smaller car crashing into the side of a passing 18-wheeler. Due to the great size and weight difference between the two, these wrecks often result in considerable damage to the smaller vehicle and serious or fatal injury to those inside the car.

This is partly due to the fact that there is less occupant protection on the sides of passenger vehicles, which can collapse in a strong impact. Although side impact airbags can help in these incidents, t-bone accidents with large trucks have a high fatality rate.

Why Do These Accidents Happen?

The most common causes of side impact big rig accidents relate to distraction on the part of the truck driver or when truck drivers fail to abide by local traffic or safety regulations. They may also result from speeding that prevents a driver from stopping in time at an intersection; failing to yield to another vehicle’s right of way; and distractions or fatigue that prevent the driver from reacting properly to the signals and vehicles around them.

T-bone big rig wrecks may also be caused by drivers failing to stop at red lights and stop signs if they think other drivers will see them coming and yield to them. They may even happen as a result of mechanical failure on a truck that is not properly maintained.

Who Is At Fault?

Determining who is at fault in side impact big rig accidents requires determining which driver had a duty to yield to the other driver and whether that duty was breached. Typically, negligence is found with the driver who hits the other driver, although there may be incidents where both parties are partially at fault.

If you proceed through an intersection with the right of way and are hit by a truck, the fault is usually with the truck driver.  

How Can You Avoid A T-Bone Wreck?

Even though many side impact big rig crashes may be the fault of the truck driver, there are things you can do to reduce being involved in such an accident. Always look both ways before driving through an intersection, even if you have the right of way. In the event there is a truck traveling on the dead end street that seems like it is not going to stop, you should make every attempt to stop first.

Always stop before the yellow line in your lane to give large trucks enough room to make lefthand turns without hitting you. If you pay close attention to what is happening all around you, it can potentially help you avoid serious injury from big rig wrecks.

No matter how they happen or whose fault they are, t-bone big rig accidents can be very dangerous. Big rig crashes happen for a variety of reasons and when you least expect it. While you cannot control what another driver does, you can reduce your chance of being involved in these serious big rig wrecks by staying alert at intersections and proceeding with caution around heavy trucks!

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