Big rig accidents in Houston Texas


When most people think of big rig wrecks, what usually comes to mind is destructive, high-speed traffic accidents. Yet not all big rig accidents occur at a high rate of speed or even when a truck is moving forward. Backover or backing accidents happen more frequently than you may realize and as truck accident lawyers can attest, they are just as dangerous as any crash that occurs with a moving truck.

What Are Backover Accidents?

Backover or backup accidents are big rig accidents that occur when a truck is moving in reverse. As the name suggests, these crashes involve trucks that back into or over people, other vehicles, and anything else in their path.

Even though they usually happen at a slow speed, truck accident lawyers know that backover accidents are very dangerous and lead to many serious and fatal injuries. Pedestrians and bicyclists are frequently involved, although these crashes can involve other vehicles as well.

How Do Backover Accidents Happen?

Generally speaking, backover big rig wrecks happen for one very simple reason. Drivers cannot see what is behind the end of their trucks when backing the vehicle. Tractor trailers have very large blind spots directly behind the trailer and along the entire right side of the rig. A driver may be able to see what is alongside the driver side of their rig, but they cannot see anything behind or on the other side.

Other factors that contribute to backover big rig accidents is the time of day and the surroundings where the truck is backing. More backover crashes occur at dusk or after dark than at any other time of day due to poor visibility as well as blind spot restrictions.

The location where the truck is backing up is also a factor in many incidents, as areas with more pedestrian and bicycle traffic increase the risk of a backover. As a pedestrian or bicyclist, you may not always be aware of the danger when encountering backing trucks or may not be paying close attention to what is going on. Vehicles that get too close to a truck or enter their backing zone may end up involved.

Who Is At Fault?

Determining fault in backover big rig wrecks can sometimes be challenging for truck accident lawyers who are investigating an accident. Although most of these events involve driver negligence, a few occur when people put themselves at risk. Overall, it is the driver’s responsibility to carefully check their surroundings before backing up.

Drivers can always set out safety cones to warn people or work with a second person to guide and spot for them as they back up. When they fail to carefully check around their vehicle and take extra safety measures before backing, dangerous backover accidents are more likely to happen.

Backing up a tractor trailer is a difficult task. To prevent backover big rig accidents, truck accident lawyers stress that truck drivers must always do their best to ensure their path is clear of pedestrians and vehicles. Failure to do so is considered negligence when backover big rig wrecks occur as a result. As a pedestrian or driver, you should also be aware of big rigs and stay away from the back of any tractor trailer that is backing up. When everyone pays closer attention to backing trucks, the risk of backover accidents decreases!

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