Semi Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

Semi truck accidents take place every day, for many different reasons. Besides the damage to property caused by semi truck crashes, people are often seriously or fatally injured as well.

After a semi truck wreck occurs, it is very important to understand why and how it happened. To determine this, forensic scientists analyze physical evidence from the accident. Therefore, collecting the right evidence from the scene is essential.

Investigating Accidents Using Forensics

When semi truck crashes occur, figuring out what and how they happened is crucial, both from a safety and liability standpoint. Attorneys normally investigate things such as driver records and carrier violations; however, they also rely on the expertise of forensic scientists. These experts analyze the physical evidence collected from the site of semi truck accidents to establish what caused the accident.  

What Evidence Is Collected After A Crash?

To effectively reconstruct semi truck wrecks and determine causation, forensics specialists need specific evidence from the accident scene that can include:

  • Photographs - Photographs taken at the scene of semi truck accidents are instrumental in determining causation, as they show the position of all involved vehicles when they came to a rest, along with the position of accident debris. Crash scene photos can also show the extent of physical damage to the vehicles, roadway, and other structures as well as skid marks, weather conditions, and many other elements that may have played a part in accident causation.
  • Videos - Any videos that may be available are extremely helpful in determining causation. On board video recorders inside trucks and some cars may offer clues. Traffic camera videos are also useful if they are obtainable.  
  • Witness Statements - Testimony from witnesses of semi truck crashes are also very important. They can help experts get a better idea of what was happening on the road at the time of the event and what happened immediately after the accident.
  • Onboard Data Recordings - Data collected by the event data recorder in the truck is vital to learning things like the speed of the truck and conditions at the time of the accident. It also shows whether the driver applied the brakes, if the truck swerved, or if there was some kind of mechanical problem.
  • Measurements - Physical measurements at the scene of semi truck wrecks are also taken. Data such as the length and direction of skid marks, location of accident debris, degree and length of barrier damage, and other measurements are important when reconstructing these scenes.  
  • Materials Samples - Samples of glass, vehicle paint, and other things may also be taken for analysis to determine the rate of speed, impact angles, and other important details.  

Determining the cause of semi truck accidents can be a very complex process. It involves careful investigation of the event and scientific analysis of all available evidence. When semi truck crashes happen, one of the most important concerns is collecting the evidence that will help to shed light on what actually occurred.

For this reason, it is important that those injured in semi truck wrecks seek the assistance of attorneys who can obtain all necessary evidence and have it properly analyzed by trusted forensics experts!

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