Tractor Trailer accidents in Pearland Texas


Tractor trailer accidents can be a very traumatic event. Since such a incident can cause significant physical injuries, serious tractor trailer crashes can also cause you to suffer from various psychological injuries as well. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one such condition that can affect you long after an injury crash from tractor trailer wrecks.

PTSD and Tractor Trailer Accidents

When people are involved in serious tractor trailer wrecks, it is not uncommon for some of them to suffer psychological effects such as PTSD afterward. This kind of crash is a scary event, made even more traumatic if you are physically injured. Current research on this topic suggests that of the millions of people injured in tractor trailer crashes, nearly 10% of them have developed PTSD. This equates to hundreds of thousands of people each year who must deal with ongoing stress symptoms related to their crash.

Who Is Likely to Develop PTSD?

Interestingly, research suggests that some people are more likely than others to develop PTSD after tractor trailer accidents. If you are a person with a pre-accident inability to cope with other types of traumatic situations and already suffer from depression, you may be more prone to have symptoms of PTSD. The type and severity of injuries are also thought to add to the possibility that you may get PTSD, as well as the fear that you will die as a result of your injuries.

Post-crash factors suggest that delays in physical healing can increase your possibility of facing PTSD, as can a delay in receiving critical emotional and psychological support that can promote healing and encourage resuming normal lifestyles after tractor trailer crashes.

Symptoms of PTSD in After Accidents

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can develop immediately in those involved in tractor trailer wrecks, or it can take some time to develop. Symptoms can appear at different times, with no strong relation to the type of injury sustained or whether a person lost consciousness during the accident.

You could go on to suffer from any number of psychological symptoms that include depression, anxiety, growing fear of getting into a vehicle or leaving the house, chronic pain conditions, and many other symptoms.

How Should Post-Crash PTSD Be Handled?

Currently, treatments such as cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, pain management, and medications, either alone or in conjunction with each other, are generally used to combat the symptoms of PTSD if they appear. Because no two individuals are alike and symptoms may develop some time after tractor trailer accidents, treatment often is delayed.

When symptoms begin that appear to be pain-related or caused by some other problem, you may not receive a diagnosis of PTSD until later, leaving you if suffering from this condition with active symptoms until it is recognized. Based on this opinion, experts suggest that therapy for PTSD be started earlier in some people, especially those more likely to develop PTSD based on pre-crash emotional or psychological health.

Because of this, it is important if you have been involved in a tractor trailer crash to be evaluated for PTSD or the possibility that this condition could display symptoms. This will allow you to be monitored over a certain time period.

Even though it is impossible to predict who will get PTSD, it is a condition that is widely associated with vehicle and tractor trailer wrecks. At least 10% of all victims involved in this type of crash will acquire PTSD. Since tractor trailer accidents can be physically and emotionally traumatic, the possibility that you may develop PTSD must always be considered!

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