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Accidents involving tractor trailers are extremely serious and can cause extensive damage and injuries. Unfortunately, other than truck drivers themselves, most of the victims injured in big rig accidents are those traveling in passenger vehicles. When facing a huge, heavy semi truck barreling down on them, smaller vehicles do not stand a chance for coming out on the positive side.

To avoid ending up in a precarious situation that turns into a deadly accident, truck accident lawyers stress that all drivers on the road be aware of each other and avoid actions that are responsible for injurious semi truck accidents.

Big Rig Trucks vs. Car - No Match

A loaded big rig truck can legally weigh as much as 80,000 pounds while rolling down the highway at speeds of 70 mph or more. That is a lot of weight, which produces a lot of momentum behind it when moving that fast. It is the size and weight of these trucks that make them so dangerous to smaller vehicles on the road.

When a vehicle of this size crashes, there is not much that will stop it, especially not a much smaller passenger car. As a result, when trucks hit cars the aftermath is devastating. In some cases the truck itself does not even have to make contact with passenger vehicles, either; chain reaction accidents and flying debris launched from powerful impacts is sometimes enough to damage cars and cause serious injuries.

Serious Accidents Involving Semi Trucks

With millions of vehicles of all types on the roads every year, accidents happen. However, while trucks represent a relatively low percentage of these vehicles, they are involved in a disproportionate percentage of serious or deadly accidents, numbers that have unfortunately risen over the past few years. Passenger vehicle safety continues to improve with advancing automotive technology, saving lives. Despite this, truck accident incidents are going in the other direction with deaths climbing, partly due to insufficiencies in commercial truck safety standards and a shortage of commercial drivers.

This does not mean all big rig accidents are the fault of truck drivers; however, it does suggest that the risk of passenger vehicles being involved in accidents with trucks is higher than ever, no matter what the cause.

Semi Truck Accidents Are Different

The important point to realize when taking to the roads is that semi truck accidents are different than any other accidents. Taking steps to avoid them - especially for those in smaller vehicles - is essential. Due to the size of these vehicles and their ability to cause incredible damage, truck accidents result in very serious, costly injuries, sometimes to many people in one accident. Semi truck accidents frequently cost many millions of dollars when all claims for property damage, injuries, and even fatalities have been compensated. Injury and wrongful death claims can also become very lengthy, complicated legal cases due to the nature of these accidents, and how there can be multiple responsible parties.

Passenger vehicles, at only 1/20th the size and weight of a big rig, typically do not stand a chance against damage and occupants being injured when involved in an accident with a big rig. To avoid disastrous big rig accidents, truck accident lawyers and safety advocates everywhere recommend that drivers of passenger vehicles learn about trucking accidents and how to protect themselves from being involved in one. By practicing safer driving habits, all drivers can make our highways safer, and reduce the chance of being involved in a devastating semi truck accident!

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