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Truck accidents are serious events that can leave people gravely injured, and cause devastating property damage. They often involve challenging accident claims, leaving crash victims in need of representation by experienced truck accident lawyers. Rather than trying to deal with insurance companies on their own or wondering who is responsible, those injured in a tractor trailer crash are encouraged to retain trucking accident attorneys who understand how to handle these claims and get a fair settlement for their clients.

Complex Truck Accident Circumstances

Because of the high instance of serious injury and extensive damage to vehicles and property, big rig accidents become complex accident claim cases that victims should not attempt to handle on their own. Truck accident lawyers with trucking industry experience are better able to deal with insurance companies and help prevent their clients from being convinced to accept lower settlement offers.

One important detail with truck accident claims is they frequently involve the challenging task of determining responsible parties, which could involve more than one party. Determining responsibility may require going to trial, which is when it is extremely imperative that the accident victim have the right trucking accident attorney.

The Challenge of Multiple Responsible Parties

Experienced trucking accident attorneys know that one of the more challenging aspects of tractor/trailer accidents is the fact that in many cases there are multiple parties held responsible. Determining this depends on many different factors. A company may be responsible if an employee was driving a truck when the accident happened; but in cases where the driver was an independent contractor, it is not as black and white. In addition, lawyers who handle truck accidents say it is possible for companies that lease trucks; truck or truck part manufacturers; tire manufacturers; and even roadway designers to be named in an accident claim.

Determining all of the potentially responsible parties and how responsible each of them are requires a detailed investigation and often the decision rendered by a judge. This is why accident victims should hire competent truck accident lawyers, and never attempt to represent themselves when contending with insurance company lawyers.

Other Challenges with Commercial Truck Accidents

Truck accident lawyers assert that part of the task in deciding who is responsible involves first determining the cause of the accident, and whether or not any traffic or commercial carrier violations occurred. Federal law for commercial carriers is strict, requiring that trucking companies adhere to many safety rules relating to the maintenance and legal operation of their trucks, as well as detailed driver records to prevent overworked drivers from being on the highway. Lawyers who deal with truck accident victims explain that drivers are required to have certain training and licensing.

Commercial carriers are required by law to carry a certain amount of insurance. Lack of compliance in any of these areas can result in fines and other punishments, and affect accident cases as well as affect the determination of responsibility. All of this requires careful investigation, and expert truck wreck lawyers to reconstruct accident scenes in order to scientifically determine what happened, and why.

Although accident victims may sometimes think it might be easier to deal directly with the insurance company concerning their tractor\trailer accident claim, it is strongly recommend they hire trucking accident attorneys to help them as soon after the accident as possible. Experienced truck accident lawyers know the many loopholes that must be dealt with in these cases, and how to best represent clients injured by trucks to get the best and most fair settlements!

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