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High speeds are a common factor in tractor\trailer accidents, many of which truck accident lawyers will deal with when representing clients injured in these events. While it is well known that lower speeds save lives, there is a heated debate over whether reducing truck speeds are actually beneficial. Trucking accident attorneys and industry professionals see both sides of this complaint, which shows that reduced speeds help in some cases, but hurt in others. As bills on reducing truck speeds go to vote, trucking organizations and truck crash lawyers find there is a definitive line drawn in the sand on the topic.

High Speeds and Heavy Truck Accidents

Trucking accident attorneys say that speed is determined to be a contributing factor in up to 30 percent of truck accidents that result in fatalities, and even more accidents causing injuries and other damage. The faster and heavier a vehicle is, the more damage it can do in an accident. These same expert truck accident lawyers assert that large, heavy vehicles traveling at high speeds are easily affected by mechanical and tire failures, and can swerve out of control when maneuvering to avoid other vehicles on the road.

Truck wreck lawyers and crash experts agree that slowing trucks down could reduce these events considerably, making them less likely and less serious. At slower speeds, it is easier to maintain control of a large vehicle and to stop it, reducing the extent of damage caused in accidents.

Argument Regarding Truck Speed Reduction

While truck accident lawyers know there is no arguing the fact that slower speeds can reduce the frequency of truck accidents and the amount of damage they cause, there is another important factor to consider. According to industry voices opposed to the mandatory reduction in truck speed limits, slowing trucks down may reduce accidents in one sense, but increase them in another. The complaint states that by slowing trucks down, three things are likely to happen:

  • Increased Truck Traffic - By slowing trucks down, more trucks are needed to do the same amount of work, creating higher volume on our roads, and increasing the chances of an accident.
  • Increased Traffic Jams - Vehicles moving slower create traffic jams, and more traffic jams increase the chance of accidents since faster moving vehicles come upon slower ones, needing to slow down as well.
  • Decreased Ability to Avoid Collision - When limited to slower speeds, trucks will be less able to speed up to pass, avoid incoming vehicles on ramps, and otherwise maneuver as necessary to stay out of the way of other drivers.

Truck crash lawyers explain that even though basic common sense shows that driving slower helps prevent accidents, the important points highlighted by the many industry professionals against speed limitation suggest that any benefit will be negated due to the increased overall incidence of dangerous, accident-causing situations. The recommendation of these professionals and trucking accident attorneys is that all vehicles drive at the speed of traffic to prevent accidents caused by the things mentioned above.

Commercial carrier companies and safety organizations alike are divided on the pros and cons of limiting trucks to lower speeds, especially speeds lower than the rest of traffic. Some firmly support lower speeds all around, while others argue the potential for more accidents, not less.

Proposed changes to speed limit rules for tractor-trailers are being reviewed by various White House and safety committees, although considerable disagreement continues over them. Truck crash lawyers can vouch for the damage that high-speed accidents cause; however, will slower speeds increase the number of claims seen by personal injury and trucking accident attorneys? The industry awaits this important decision, and any other regulation changes in the quest to reduce truck accidents, and the numbers of serious injuries requiring legal representation by truck accident lawyers in today's busy world!

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