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Truck accidents are very serious traffic accidents, not only from the standpoint of the damage they cause but legally speaking as well. Accidents involving tractor\trailers are unlike any other accidents because these trucks must operate under strict Federal regulations, which sometimes does not happen. As a result, big rig accidents can become highly complex legal cases. The good news is, the likelihood of those injured in other vehicles getting a fair settlement is high when they work with skilled attorneys that understand the commercial trucking industry, and how to represent clients injured by trucks that have violated Federal regulations.

Federal Trucking Regulations and Commercial Truck Laws

Big rigs are the largest, heaviest vehicles on our highways and are very different from passenger vehicles. They are more difficult to drive than standard vehicles and require special licensing and higher insurance coverage. Fully loaded, some of these trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds; when traveling at speeds up to 70 MPH or more, the potential for causing substantial damage is very real.

To prevent accidents and the devastating injuries and damage that big rigs can cause, there are many Federal regulations under which these trucks must operate to ensure they are well maintained, drivers have the right training, and safe driving habits are practiced. Unfortunately, adhering to Federal commercial truck regulations is expensive and requires good vehicle management. As a result, there are many trucking accidents that involve trucks which are not operating according to Federal laws.

Legal Cases Involving Big Rig Accidents

In a typical car accident or one that becomes more complex and ends up in court, involved parties and their lawyers deal with the insurance companies held by those who own the vehicles. When an accident occurs involving a tractor\trailer, things are more complicated because each accident requires researching everything from driver record and vehicle maintenance logs to whether the driver was operating the truck according to Federal trucking regulations. Investigating truck accidents is a lengthy process; however, because these accidents can cause significant, costly damage and costly injury settlements, it is essential to understand the causation of these accidents before legal cases can progress.

Multiple Responsible Parties and Trucking Accidents

Another complication in legal cases surrounding trucking accidents and their causation is the fact that responsibility cannot always be placed on one party like with the average car accident. There are frequently multiple parties who may be responsible for these accidents such as the driver, the owner of the truck, the trucking company, truck and truck parts manufacturers, and others. Actually determining the cause of the accident, whether any Federal regulations have been breached, and any contributing factors requires extensive effort before any of these parties can be held responsible or any settlements can be reached.

Although many Federal regulations exist for the commercial trucking industry to keep vehicles on the highly including big trucks safe, many trucks are still operating outside of these regulations. People are put at risk for costly and injurious big rig accidents as well as the complicated aftermath of determining causation and fault. Anyone involved in an accident with a commercial truck must enlist the legal assistance of lawyers experienced in these cases to get the fairest settlement possible!

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