Truck Accidents in Houston Texas

Before any claims or legal cases involving trucking accidents are settled, it is often necessary to reconstruct the accident scene to accurately determine what happened. This is not an easy undertaking, but it is an essential way for insurance companies, safety experts, and lawyers to collectively learn how some semi truck accidents happen, and who is at fault. With a detailed scientific approach, forensic experts recreate truck crashes, which is an essential part of an accident investigation and in determining the responsible parties.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Reconstructing truck crashes provides a way for investigators to determine the cause of a crash and any contributing factors. This process begins with details taken from the actual accident scene, such as photographs, eyewitness accounts, physical damage sustained to vehicles and property, as well as any injuries sustained. All this information is then pieced back together into a computerized, or even physical scene depicting the event.

Reconstruction also relies on information provided by vehicle event black box recorders that provide details about speed, conditions, and driver actions. Using all available information, combined with forensic and scientific investigation, truck crash scene and reconstruction experts can determine what chain of events occurred in order to determine exactly what happened.

Reconstruction When Investigating Trucking Accidents

The amount of damage a loaded semi truck can cause when traveling at full speed is incredible. Because of size and weight, amount of cargo being carried, and how these vehicles react under different circumstances, injuries and other damage is far different than that sustained in regular car accidents. Reconstructing accident scenes enables engineers, forensics specialists, and truck crash experts to determine the initial cause resulting in the amount and type of damage present. Based on these findings, lawyers and insurance companies can determine the responsible party or parties, and the extent of their responsibility.

These investigations are very important in naming responsible parties, since those responsible may have to pay large reimbursements to accident victims, in addition to possible fines and citations for unsafe operation that could have contributed to the cause. Basically, it is impossible to complete any kind of injury or damage case without scientific evidence to determine causation and fault. Reconstruction data, reports, and even CGI video representations of trucking accidents are used as testimony in trucking accident claim cases where a lawsuit has been filed and a trial ensues. Therefore, these things are very important in injury cases where lawyers require proof of causation.

Semi truck accidents can happen in countless numbers of ways and cause extensive property damage, as well as serious or even fatal injuries. An understanding of how and why truck accidents occur is critical in accident claims in order to accurately assess how damage or injuries occur, and who is responsible. By reconstructing trucking accidents, forensic specialists can scientifically establish a chain of events to help insurance companies, lawyers, and juries understand what happened, so claims can be finalized and settlements awarded!

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