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A major cause of damaging semi truck accidents is mechanical failure. In particular, brake failure is responsible for a large number of these accidents that injure thousands of people every year. Proving mechanical failure in trucking accidents can be challenging. Anyone injured in an accident with a commercial truck where brake failure or another mechanical failure is thought to be the cause should enlist the assistance of experienced truck accident attorneys to help them gain a fair settlement.


Brake Failure is Not A Simple Thing

Although it may seem like a simple accident causation factor, cases involving truck accidents caused by brake failure tend to be anything but simple. The most challenging question is who is at fault, since there could be many depending on each individual circumstance. Brake failure can be caused by things such as defective brake parts, truck driver error, improper truck loading, poor road conditions, and poor vehicle maintenance to name a few. Determining the actual cause of brake failure becomes a necessary part of any accident investigation in order to decide who is actually responsible for the resulting damages and injuries.

Defective Brakes or Drivers and Trucking Companies?

Accidents do happen; however, what happens before an accident is of great interest in determining fault. When brake failure is suspected, the possibilities are many. Defective brakes or brake parts are a common cause, with truck brake manufacturers being held liable if it can be proven that the product failed and caused the accident. There have  been many Federal recalls on truck brakes due to defective brakes causing accidents.

Another common cause of brake failure or failure to stop trucks traveling at high speed is the illegal practice of brake depowering. Depowering is essentially turning off the power to the front brakes on a truck and using the rear brakes and downshifting to stop the truck. Many drivers and trucking companies depower the front brakes on a truck to save money, as trucks with fully functioning front brakes require brake replacement more often. Unfortunately, the act of depowering also puts a greater load on all the other brakes and fail to stop a truck quickly enough.

Poor Brake Maintenance and Improper Use

Even when brakes are not defective, brake failure can occur if trucks are not properly maintained or brake products not used according to manufacturer's specifications. Trucks that do not have their brakes changed frequently become a danger to everyone on the road. Similarly, when brakes and brake parts are not properly installed or are set incorrectly, excess wear and tear may occur, the parts will not last long, and brake failure is possible in these cases. Questions over improper brake installation can become relevant as well.

Brake failure and other mechanical failures are a common cause of semi truck accidents responsible for many serious injuries. These cases require the legal assistance of experienced truck accident attorneys who understand what is involved in proving fault and how to properly represent clients in truck accident injury claims. Determining how brake failure happened, and who is responsible, is an important part of these injury cases in order for accident victims to be awarded a fair settlement as compensation for their injuries!

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