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There are nearly 2 million tractor trailers that travel on our highways each year to deliver goods from coast-to-coast. Unfortunately, trucking accident attorneys find these units cause a significant amount of dangerous accidents that result in serious injuries.

In an effort to increase safety and reduce trucking accidents, tractor trailers are subject to both routine and random inspections. While trucking accident lawyers know there are differing opinions on whether random roadside inspections actually improve carrier safety, the facts definitely support this practice.

Inspections Essential to Trucking Safety

It is just plain common sense that tractor trailer inspections are one of the main ways to reduce trucking accidents and increase safety. These inspections examine a vehicle from bumper-to-bumper, even going as far as to examine the driver, his or her qualifications, and whether he or she is adhering to safety laws.

When there are safer vehicles on the road that are less likely to experience mechanical breakdown and are piloted by safer drivers, trucking accident attorneys know they will have fewer cases where they must represent people who have been injured in such an event.

What Is the Purpose of Random Roadside Inspections?

Even though all tractor trailers must pass routine mechanical inspections, there is still much leeway for safety violations between those inspections. Parts wear out; drivers get careless; equipment can fail. While preventing these risks is the responsibility of the trucking company, trucking accident lawyers are well aware that many of the vehicles on the roads are unsafe.

Stopping trucks for random roadside inspections is one way that safety officers monitor operating 18-wheelers and help ensure that only safe trucks are on the road. Vehicles found in violation of safety or inspection laws are immediately taken out of service until the violation is remedied. Yet do these random inspections actually prevent trucking accidents?

How Random Inspections Prevent Accidents

When it comes to random inspections, trucking accident attorneys agree with safety administrators that they do prevent accidents in two ways.

  1. The most obvious way of accident prevention is the vehicles that violate important safety laws are immediately pulled off the road, eliminating the possibility of causing a deadly crash.
  2. Trucking accident lawyers cite that studies done on this topic suggest random inspections improve overall safety compliance. Safety laws are becoming more strict each year and as they do, penalties and repercussions from safety violations are becoming more significant.

Having a truck or driver taken out of service due to a violation that is discovered through a random stop can be very damaging to both the trucking company and the driver. Violations add up and are carefully monitored. As such, the practice of pulling over random tractor trailers to inspect them provides strong motivation for carriers and drivers alike to comply with state and federal safety laws.

Trucking accident attorneys assert that one of the biggest challenged government safety administrations must deal with in their effort to reduce trucking accidents is lack of carrier and driver compliance. These same accident lawyers point out there is adequate evidence to support the fact that random inspections and periods of blitz inspections considerably increase compliance. Random, roadside inspections have proven to be an important practice in the reduction of dangerous vehicles on the road!

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