Truck Accidents in Houston Texas


Side impact collisions with big rigs are some of the most deadly trucking accidents that can happen. T-bone truck accidents cause extensive damage and leave people severely injured or dead. Second in severity only to head-on collisions, accident lawyers know that side impact crashes can be complicated in terms of causation and liability determination. When a t-bone collision involves a big rig, the case can be even more challenging.

The Severity of Side Impact Crashes

When a vehicle is hit on the side by the front of an oncoming vehicle traveling at high speed, the damage can be substantial. Even though many cars now have side airbags, there is a reduced buffer between the colliding vehicle and the people inside the vehicle that is hit, making injuries more likely. T-bone wrecks cause certain types of trauma to passengers such as whiplash, head and face trauma, broken bones, spinal injuries, internal trauma, and many other serious damages. Some of these injuries, like spinal ones, can be life altering or progress over time. Due to the size and weight difference, as well as the force a big rig can exert on a smaller vehicle, these type of trucking accidents can be especially severe and cause extensive damage and injuries.  

Who Is Liable In A Side Impact Crash?

T-bone truck crashes happen for many different reasons. These incidents usually occur at intersections or anywhere that a vehicle might be turning. They require careful investigation to determine whether the truck driver was negligent, or if the driver of the other vehicle played a part in the crash. Some common causes of side impact truck accidents are the failure to come to a complete stop or yield to traffic, running a red light, speeding, turning across traffic lanes, and distracted driving. Due to the various possibilities, it is essential that accident lawyers carefully investigate the incident to determine its cause and which parties are liable.

Proving Negligence Is Vital

Negligence is when one person fails to perform their duty to protect the safety of another person, such as failing to yield to traffic or running a red light. Many t-bone trucking accidents are caused by negligence on the part of the big rig driver. In any vehicle collision, proving negligence is an important part of the investigation and liability determination. By gathering and analyzing evidence such as police reports, witness statements, truck driver records, and vehicle logs, accident lawyers can determine the degrees of negligence that led to the crash in order to prove liability.

Side impact or t-bone truck accidents are complicated incidents that can cause devastating injuries to the occupants of the vehicles that are hit. When one of these accidents occurs, it is essential that crash victims promptly seek assistance from truck accident lawyers experienced in side impact collisions. Through careful investigation of the collision to determine causation and accident liability, injured victims will be best represented more likely to receive suitable compensation for their injuries!

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