When truck accidents occur, the extent of damages can be alarming. Not only do vehicles and property become damaged, but trucking accidents that occur on major highways, such as I10, frequently cause serious, and even life-threatening injuries to the people involved. Even worse, these injuries can go on to affect people permanently; resulting in long-term damages that change their lifestyles and ability to enjoy life, forever. When settling an injurious truck accident claim, all damages, including both the immediate and the long-term effects, must be taken into consideration in order for injured victims to get the most fair settlement possible.

Truck Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Truck accidents are very different than most passenger vehicle accidents due to the often serious nature of the injuries sustained. When 80,000 pounds traveling at high speed, crashes into smaller passenger vehicles, the vehicles and the passengers inside them can sustain immeasurable damage. Because of the high rate of speed involved, trucking accidents that occur on large highways, such as I10, can cause devastating physical injuries such as:  broken bones; burns and scarring; spine and spinal cord injuries; traumatic brain injuries; and, fatalities. This has a huge impact not only on the lives of those injured, but their entire families as well.

Additional Compensable Damages

Physical injuries are not the only damages that occur in truck accidents, as there are many other compensable damages that truck accident attorneys and their injured clients must take into consideration. Injuries are easily recognized as compensable damages, but a person can also be compensated for other costs and damages if they are due to the accident. This includes, but is not limited to, lost income due to missed work; the cost of hiring a caretaker or aide; medical costs; transportation costs; out-of-pocket expenses relating to medical care; and, inconveniences due to the accident; along with many other costs.

Emotional or mental damages such as pain and suffering; loss of companionship or mentorship; loss of consortium with a spouse; and, loss of enjoyment of life can also be remunerated in some cases. Essentially, depending upon the accident and the injuries sustained, anything that has changed a person's life and caused physical, financial, or emotional loss may be compensable if it can be proven to be related to the accident, and truly considered a damaging loss to the person or their family.

Claiming Fair Compensable Damages

Truck accident cases can become extremely complicated depending on the extent of the accident, and who is at fault and responsible for paying damages. Many times, the insurance companies and their lawyers, who represent the trucking companies, will try to convince injured plaintiffs to settle for much less than what they are actually entitled to, simply because people do not always realize what they are able to claim. Anyone who is left dealing with a serious injury sustained in a trucking accident is entitled to compensation for all damages associated with that accident. To determine what their compensable damages are, and to be able to put a fair value on them, working with a skilled attorney experienced in trucking accidents is essential.

People are seriously injured in truck accidents every day. When an accident causes damages that are additional to any injuries they have received, injured victims also have a right to ask for compensation for those other things as well. To discuss injuries and all other compensable damages related to their case, those injured in trucking accidents on any type of roadway or highway, including I10, should retain an experienced truck accident lawyer to help them obtain the settlement they deserve!

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