Some truck accidents are unavoidable, caused by things that are out of a driver’s control. Unfortunately, many others are avoidable, caused by the simple act of disregarding a traffic signal or sign. Every year there are thousands of semi truck accidents because drivers were doing just that action of disregarding traffic signs or signals.

Traffic Signs Exist for A Reason

The most common traffic signs that both truck and passenger vehicle drivers should recognize are speed limit signs; however, there are many other signs posted on roadways and highways to protect drivers and pedestrians. Speed limit signs, stop signs, turn signs, and even signs warning of poor road conditions all serve as an alert to drivers to help them prevent accidents. Despite these posted traffic signs, a high number of traffic accidents are caused by drivers who ignore them. Many of these accidents occur at intersections; however, speeding or failure to obey a posted speed limit sign, is a very common cause of semi truck accidents.

Why Do Drivers Ignore Traffic Signs?

Some drivers ignore traffic signs because they have little regard for simple laws, such as speed limits. They think that can disobey these signs because they are in control and will not cause an accident. Other times drivers disregard traffic signs because they are not observant when driving and just do not see them. This includes circumstances where drivers may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or when they are distracted or fatigued.

Fatigue is a considerable issue with those who drive semi trucks, although many semi truck accidents are also caused by blatant disregard for speed limit and other driving restriction signs. Truck drivers who ignore signs about road conditions, such as inclines, wind areas, and slippery roads, can cause deadly accidents simply because they think that they can handle any problems and an accident won’t happen to them.

Disregarding Traffic Signs Can Be Deadly

When any driver ignores posted traffic signs, it increases the chance there will be an accident. When drivers of commercial trucks do this, it increases the chance of an accident even more and often results in more substantial damage and injury. Truck accidents caused by drivers who ignore posted stop or turn signs, and particularly posted speed limit signs, are responsible for many accidents every year, some with tragic results. Large trucks are harder to maneuver and much harder to stop than passenger vehicles. When big trucks collide with other vehicles, the damage can be devastating. Despite this, many truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers still ignore traffic signs, putting themselves and others at risk.

When drivers, especially those who drive big trucks, disregard posted traffic signs, serious truck accidents can result. Safer driving to avoid these semi truck accidents, requires that all drivers remain alert and always adhere to all posted traffic signs!

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