Exceeding posted speed limits is a leading cause of traffic accidents involving all motor vehicles. Speeding is also a leading cause of truck accidents that cause extensive damage and leave those involved seriously injured. Despite the facts proving how dangerous speeding can be, it is something that drivers of passenger vehicles and large trucks do anyway, resulting in countless car and 18 wheeler accidents that injure and kill many people every year.

Why Speeding Is Dangerous

Exceeding speed limits while driving is exceptionally dangerous, making traffic accidents more likely to happen. When drivers drive faster than posted speed limits, they put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Speeding can result in:

  • Loss of vehicle control

  • A driver’s inability to negotiate curves or turns accurately

  • Skidding

  • Hydroplaning on wet roads

  • Reduced stopping ability

  • Cause drivers to over or under steer their vehicles

All of these situations can drastically affect a driver’s ability to safely operate their vehicle, causing them to hit others on the road with devastating results. Traffic accidents that occur at high rates of speed are especially dangerous, with more damage caused the faster the vehicle is traveling.

Speeding Trucks Are Deadly

Considering the points above, big trucks that speed are even more dangerous due to their size and weight. These vehicles become especially difficult to maneuver and stop, causing tremendous damage in high speed collisions. An additional concern with trucks that are driven above safe speed limits is mechanical failures, such as brake failure and tire blowouts, both of which are more likely to cause truck accidents.

Problem of Speeding Trucks on the Highway

Unfortunately, exceeding the speed limit is something many drivers, including truck drivers, still do despite the knowledge that they could cause a terrible accident. Many truck drivers speed because they are trying to keep on a certain schedule; others do so because they simply do not pay attention to posted speed limit signs or do not think they will get caught. In any case, trucks that exceed speed limits become a great danger to everyone who shares the road with them. Other drivers should be aware of trucks traveling too fast and avoid driving next to them to keep from being involved in an 18 wheeler accident caused by speeding.

All drivers should obey posted speed limits and not exceed them, for their own safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. Adhering to speed limits is even more critical for drivers of big trucks; it is a significant way to prevent costly injury truck accidents. When truck drivers speed, the 18 wheeler accidents that can have been prevented can be deadly. Anyone injured in an accident involving a speeding truck should immediately speak with an experienced truck accident attorney. An experienced lawyer can help accident victims receive a fair settlement for injuries they received as a result of this kind of accident!

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