A common cause of traffic accidents that can cause injuries is failure to use turn signals. As seemingly innocent as the simple act of forgetting to use a turn signal may be, it is a known cause of traffic accidents, including many big rig accidents. When drivers, including truck drivers, do not properly use their turn signals, serious truck accidents can be the result.

Using Turn Signals Is Important

Safely sharing the road with other vehicles requires that all drivers understand they have a duty to warn other drivers of their intent. Turn signals on both cars and trucks were made specifically for drivers to alert others of their intent to turn or merge into another lane. This allows drivers behind a vehicle to react accordingly, so everyone can safely share the roads and avoid accidents.

Trucks and Turn Signals

There are important reasons that truck accidents occur because of the failure to use turn signals; the primary result of such action is the element of surprise, with no time to properly react. When a passenger vehicle does not signal that they are turning or changing lanes, it puts truck drivers in a dangerous position where they are unable to maneuver or stop their trucks fast enough to avoid hitting that vehicle. In that same respect, a truck driver who does not signal his or her intent to change lanes, or turn also causes accidents as passenger vehicle drivers are taken by surprise without time to react, suddenly finding a huge truck in their path.

Failure to Signal Causes Serious Traffic Accidents

When drivers fail to signal in traffic, this puts other drivers in precarious situations that frequently result in accidents. Some of the big rig accidents that are caused by not signaling include: trucks sideswiping other vehicles during lane merging; trucks crushing smaller vehicles while negotiating turns and curves; head on collisions due to unsafe passing without signaling; and accidents caused by failure to warn drivers who may be inadvertently traveling in a truck’s blind spots. Although it is the responsibility of both the truck driver and the drivers of other vehicles to be alert for these type of movements, these things often happen very quickly, resulting in devastating accidents with these massive trucks.

The common sense thing to remember is to always use turn signals to avoid car and truck accidents. It is especially important for truck drivers to use their signals to warn other drivers around them of their intended path of travel; however, drivers of other vehicles must be vigilant about signaling as well. Most importantly, anyone who drives around a semi truck should do their part to avoid a big rig accident by ensuring they do not travel in a truck’s blind spots, avoid situations like driving beside a truck that is turning, or never cutting a truck off while merging. Only when both drivers of trucks and cars alike obey all safety laws, including the use of turn signals, can everyone hope to drive safely, without incident!

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