Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

Truck accident lawyers represent clients injured in many types of tractor trailer crashes. While many of these truck accidents were caused by mechanical breakdowns or vehicle operational errors, some are due to poor cargo securement. Taking this into consideration, all commercial carrier companies and their drivers must take measures to properly secure all contents to prevent issues that can result in deadly cargo-related wrecks.

Cargo Securement Problems that Cause Accidents

Poorly secured cargo is extremely dangerous. It can fall off a tractor trailer and onto the roadway, even falling onto vehicles traveling behind or alongside the truck. These common types of truck accidents are often the cause of serious damage and injuries when those around the trucks losing their loads are hit by debris falling on and around them.

When these events occur, many believe the cause is cargo breaking through its containment or restraints due to the force of weight shifting; research indicates otherwise. Based on load accidents studies, truck accident lawyers understand that most of these events are actually caused by loads coming loose rather than breaking through cargo containment. This means the loads were not properly secured or not continually monitored during travel.

Keeping Cargo Properly Secured

Safe operation of tractor trailers requires that cargo is carefully balanced and appropriately secured. Drivers must monitor what is being put into their trailers and how it is loaded within that space to prevent movement and other concerns, such as trailer sway due to heaviness at the rear of the trailer.

Containment must be done in a way that considers the type of cargo, its weight, and how it will respond to forward, backward, and sideways momentum as well as bouncing and shaking while the rig is in motion. It also requires that drivers stop occasionally to check cargo securement and make adjustments after the load has settled to avoid dangerous truck accidents.

How To Prevent Securement Issues

In some cases, the best type of securement may be to use a different kind of trailer or different equipment that can more effectively contain that cargo. When transporting liquid loads, live animals, or other difficult-to-secure items, safe transport may require additional safety measures being taken. Reducing speed, keeping tankers full, and reducing load shifting or shaking using proper containment are instrumental for safely transporting these loads. Truck accident lawyers frequently find that poor decisions made in determining the safest method to secure different contents are largely to blame for these accidents.

Tractor trailers drivers must understand the contents they are carrying and how to best secure it. In challenging circumstances, the driver and carrier should collectively determine the best way to secure a load according to applicable safety regulations, then continuously monitor it from the moment the truck leaves with a delivery. Unfortunately, loading inexperience and lack of attention to changes in the cargo along the way frequently lead to dangerous truck accidents.

Federal safety organizations and truck accident lawyers alike stress that to prevent wrecks caused by load spills and cargo coming loose, commercial carriers and drivers must avoid assuming their contents are secure and do the math required to ensure proper containment!

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