Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas


Mechanical breakdown is the cause of a high percentage of truck wrecks that truck accident lawyers deal with. Tire and brake failure is most common in truck accidents due to mechanical failure; however, there are actually many parts that could fail and lead to a dangerous wreck. When the cause is not related to either the tire or braking system, attorneys must expand accident investigations to consider other susceptible parts that could break down and cause a serious crash.

Tractor Trailers Endure Extreme Use

When considering mechanical failure in tractor trailers, it is important to understand that these vehicles endure ongoing extreme conditions due to their size, weight, and the loads they carry. They also require more exact operation when traveling on the same roads as other smaller vehicles. The failure of any part that aids vehicle control, balance, or other functionality could be disastrous.

Tractor trailers need high levels of mechanical maintenance, vehicle inspection, and observation to anticipate issues that could lead to a breakdown. Based on the number of crashes found to be caused by some type of system failure, truck accident lawyers find that many vehicles on the roads do not get this important care.

Mechanical Part Failures Can Cause Deadly Effects

Tractor trailers are built from many different mechanical systems which, in order to perform correctly and safely, must be carefully maintained. Although a high percentage of failures that lead to truck accidents are related to the tires and braking system, there are many other parts that accident lawyers understand can cause dangerous wrecks should they break down:

  • Power train Issues - The power train consists of the engine and transmission and is responsible for providing the power necessary to drive the tractor trailer. When a truck experiences engine or transmission problems while being driven, the possibility of a crash greatly increases. Vehicles moving slower than the rest of traffic, unable to climb a steep incline, or experiencing problems that exacerbate other mechanical issues are more likely to become involved in traffic accidents.
  • Steering System Issues - The steering system, like the braking system, is another critical truck system that must be carefully maintained to promote precise function. Trucks operate in tight conditions, making accurate steering a necessity. Failures within the steering system can be extremely dangerous.
  • Suspension Issues - The suspension on a tractor trailer sees a lot of abuse from carrying huge loads over all types of roads. Without a functioning suspension, balancing the truck would be impossible. Something as seemingly minor as the failure of one spring is enough to cause a tractor trailer to lose balance and roll over, one of the more serious truck accidents that can happen.
  • Frame Issues - Even the frame of the trailer can suffer from issues that eventually cause a breakdown. A trailer that has previous frame damage is more susceptible to twisting or breaking while in operation, causing dangerous wrecks.

Truck accident lawyers find that while some mechanical failures are more likely, all possibilities must be considered when investigating tractor trailer crashes. A breakdown in any one of these critical areas could be enough to send vehicles out of control, causing damaging and even deadly truck accidents. Careful maintenance of all mechanical systems is essential to prevent these crashes and ensure safe travel of all tractor trailers for the all the other vehicles on the roads!

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