Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas


Truck accidents happen every day, often injuring people as a result. Some people may be more seriously hurt and obviously require medical attention, while others may seem fine at the scene of the event. As most truck accident lawyers will agree, anyone involved in an accident with a big rig should seek medical attention after the incident for a number of important reasons. Even for those individuals who seem to escape serious injury, it is important to be examined by a doctor after a truck crash.

Not All Injuries Are Obvious

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries, even if that is not quite so apparent at the scene. Some injuries, such as back and nerve injuries, concussions, and other problems may develop later after the crash. Adrenaline caused by stress at the scene can cause people to feel as though they are not actually hurt, then find out otherwise the next day. Therefore, it is important for people to realize that simply because they can walk away from an accident does not mean they have not suffered some type of injury that could show up later. For this reason, truck accident lawyers stress the importance of being seen by a doctor immediately after being involved in any kind of tractor trailer crash.

Establishing A Record of Treatment Is Important

Truck accident lawyers stress the need for anyone involved in tractor trailer accidents to seek medical attention immediately. Examination by a doctor is essential to uncover any hidden injuries and establish a record of care following the accident. By doing this, even if a person seems fine initially, there will be a record of the incident and an examination in their medical history should symptoms arise after the fact.

Refusing Medical Treatment Can Affect Injury Claims

Medical treatment that is refused after truck accidents could affect a person’s ability to file an injury claim against the responsible party. When someone initially refuses medical treatment after an accident and later files a claim, it could be argued that the injury was sustained after the accident, reducing the validity of the claim. Doing so can leave a question as to the degree of injury if treatment was initially refused.

Anyone involved in any kind of trucking accident should not refuse medical treatment at the scene if they have even the least ache or pain. There are both no-fault and at-fault coverages available under auto policies in Texas to cover the payment of related medical bills which would include an initial E.R. visit to confirm if injuries were or were not incurred.

When involved in truck accidents, It is not uncommon for injury symptoms to develop after the day of the accident. Without establishing a record of medical care after the event, truck accident lawyers know that making injury claims against a trucking company can be harder to do. To avoid this possibility and protect their legal rights, anyone involved in an accident with a tractor trailer should accept medical care at the scene or at least seek medical attention from their own physician. Problems relating to the accident that may arise at a later date are less likely to be questioned if medical attention was sought immediately following the crash.

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