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High-speed accidents on highways and interstates can quickly become chain reaction accidents involving many vehicles. Due to the volume of traffic on these roads, the risk of an accident is greater as is the risk of involvement in a chain reaction, even when there is no involvement in the initial crash. Some fatal truck accidents are chain reaction incidents, where those injured or killed are actually hit by vehicles other than those initially hit by trucks. Accidents such as these can become complex legal cases, which is why anyone involved in a chain reaction accident caused by a truck should retain experienced truck accident attorneys.

What Is A Chain Reaction Truck Accident?

Chain reaction accidents often start with one or two vehicles that eventually involve other vehicles in the vicinity of the accident. Semi trucks many times start a chain reaction; however, it is also happens that they are affected by prior accidents that occur in front of them and are unable to stop or maneuver quickly away from the scene. Although these kinds of truck accidents are less common than those only involving two or three vehicles, when a chain reaction occurs, the possibility that they may become fatal truck accidents greatly increases.

How Do Chain Reaction Truck Accidents Happen?

Thankfully, most truck accidents only involve a small number of vehicles; however; any accident can cause a chain reaction that affects many more vehicles. Increased risk for a chain reaction exists when there is an increase volume of high speed traffic; when roads are wet and slippery; when there is poor visibility; and when there are road conditions make it impossible to avoid an oncoming vehicle. This is the case in construction areas, where there is no shoulder, or on bridges and overpasses. These are just some of the conditions that can lead to a chain reaction, although such accidents can happen anywhere and at any time.

Trucks in particular can cause serious, fatal chain reaction accidents because of their size and weight. When a semi truck is unable to stop in time to avoid hitting an upcoming vehicle, the force of that collision can push the vehicle hit into the back of the vehicle in front of it and sandwich it. Depending on how fast a truck is traveling when the accident occurs; whether traffic is moving or stopped; the amount of traffic congestion; and many other factors, an impact can involve many vehicles. Even those not initially involved in the collision can become involved due to driver reaction from having an accident happen right next to them, or in trying to get out of the path of oncoming vehicles.

The Cost of Chain Reaction Semi Truck Accidents

Due to their ability to cause massive damage and injury, chain reaction accidents involving big trucks are costly in many ways. Injuries are often severe and fatalities are certainly possible when many vehicles are involved in multiple impacts. Because accidents involving semi trucks are different than most other accidents in determining fault and legal responsibility, injury claims and legal cases surrounding chain reaction events are complicated and time consuming.

When semi trucks cause or are involved in chain reaction accidents, these events can quickly turn into serious and/or fatal truck accidents. Once the reaction is set off, involvement is sometimes unavoidable. Due to the complex nature of these accidents, anyone involved in one should seek the legal counsel of experienced truck accident attorneys. Determining fault and the distribution of responsibility for compensation of damages requires skilled legal assistance.

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