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Being involved in a truck wreck can be a scary, even life-altering experience. Victims usually find themselves in a confusing situation and may even be dealing with injuries that require medical treatment. In the event of an accident with a tractor trailer, trucking accident attorneys know that obtaining fair compensation often times depends on what happens at the accident scene. Trucking accident lawyers stress that the following commonly made mistakes should be avoided.

  1. Not Calling The Police - Regardless of how minor a crash may seem, it is essential to call the police to come inspect the scene and fill out an accident report. Exchanging insurance information is not enough; the police report is an official record that is important to the claim and settlement process if it becomes necessary to involve trucking accident attorneys.
  2. Declining Medical Treatment - Symptoms of medical concerns can arise days or even weeks after a crash. Unless medical attention was accepted at the scene or shortly thereafter, it could become difficult to prove that injuries were related to the crash. Examination by a doctor or EMS afterward provides another legal document of what happened, which can become vitally important after the fact.
  3. Admitting Fault or Making Statements - Never admit fault to anyone at the scene, including police. Trucking accident lawyers recommend refraining from apologizing or suggesting any wrongdoing. Also, only give statements of exactly what happened with no opinions or judgments. To properly and legally determine fault, an investigation of the accident should be done.
  4. Not Gathering Scene Information - Exchanging driver, vehicle, and insurance information should be automatic for anyone involved in any kind of traffic accident. This is the responsibility of those involved, not the police or anyone else. Be sure that information is collected from the other driver before leaving the scene.   
  5. Not Documenting Damage - Another costly mistake many people make is not documenting all damage that occurred during the wreck. Trucking accident attorneys stress that photographic evidence as well as police reports, and medical reports are pieces of evidence, that is critical in determining fault and gaining a fair insurance company settlement. Before vehicles are moved, get photos of the scene from various angles, the damage to the vehicles, and any injuries to involved parties.
  6. Discussing Accident On Social Media - Never discuss an accident on social media as insurance companies may search a victim’s social links to investigate what is being said about the incident. Discuss the event with a lawyer instead.
  7. Not Contacting An Attorney Soon Enough - Many people wait before contacting trucking accident lawyers about their accident claim, believing that the insurance company will do the right thing and compensate them fairly; unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is essential to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible whenever there are injuries or significant damage involved. That lawyer can do a thorough investigation as quickly as possible and prevent the destruction of evidence.

Anyone involved in a truck crash should avoid the critical mistakes mentioned above to protect themselves and gain a fair settlement from insurance companies. Considering that tractor trailer crashes can be more complicated than other crashes, it is recommended that victims contact trucking accident attorneys to help them. With the guidance of experienced trucking accident lawyers, those involved in these events will have the best chance of a fitting compensation award!

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