Truck accidents happen for many different reasons, from driver error to mechanical failure, and even more. Lawyers who handle claims for those who have been injured in trucking accidents say that sometimes truck accidents that occur on highways, such as I10, or on other roadways are even caused by a defect in the road, or a problem in its design. When a road defect is responsible for a truck accident, this may be especially challenging to prove. This is why it is so important that anyone who has been injured in this type of incident to work with experienced accident lawyers who can best represent their case, and accurately determine causation.

Road Defects and Hazards - Dangerous for Trucks

Every day, millions of vehicles travel millions of miles over roads and highways that work just like any other machine or product. Roads are designed to accommodate traffic, and are built according to design. Once built, they must be regularly maintained so they remain in good condition. The towns, cities, and states responsible for maintaining roads must use various types of funding to ensure this is done, so that safe passageways for cars, trucks and other vehicles is provided.

There are times when road issues arise that cause accidents. Design flaws, poor maintenance, road damage that has not been repaired, and even problems with road construction itself can negatively affect driving conditions, causing sometimes serious trucking accidents. Trucking accident lawyers assert that even weather conditions, when roads are not properly maintained, can be the cause of injurious accidents. These conditions may be hazardous for any vehicle, but they can be especially so for large trucks that are already more difficult to drive.

Road Hazard Accident Cases Are Complicated

Truck accidents occur for many different reasons. Determining causation can be complex, and requires the expertise of skilled trucking accident lawyers. When trucking accidents that occur on major highways, such as I10, are determined to have been caused by a road defect, design flaw, or some other issue pertaining to the road itself, the legal cases filed often become even more complicated. Accident cases involving road conditions or defects require filing claim against the city, state, or whichever municipality is responsible for that road, which can be challenging. Proving that the defect or problem has somehow caused the accident can be extremely difficult.

Sometimes Trucking Companies Are Liable

To make matters even more complicated, there are times when road hazards or poor road conditions may cause a trucking accident, but the underlying reason for the accident is driver error, poor judgment, or a driver’s failure to use caution or common sense. An example would be when a truck causes an accident while traveling on icy roads that are not properly maintained, causing the truck to slide out of control. Although keeping the roads clear is the responsibility of the municipality, it can be argued that the driver should have used more caution, or even pulled off the road. The trucking company may be held liable in this case, not the municipality. In some cases, causation may be determined to be for both reasons, with liability being jointly shared by both parties.

There are many reasons why trucking accidents on roadways and highways, such as I10 occur, and every accident is different. Determining the cause of any truck accident can be complicated, but when there is a possibility that a road defect or hazard is to blame, a case often becomes even more challenging. When these type of truck accidents occur, injured victims should seek advice from experienced trucking accident attorneys who can help!

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