Trucking Accidents in Houston Texas


Vehicle accidents of any kind can be costly when people get hurt. Trucking accidents are usually even more serious, as these huge vehicles can cause incredible amounts of damage as well as devastating, life-altering injuries and fatalities. Between the extent of damage possible, and the many Federal regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry, legal cases resulting from big rig accidents are much different than other accident cases. It is essential to hire truck accident lawyers experienced in these cases and know how to best represent clients who have been injured by commercial trucks.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Working with insurance companies is never easy; however, it can be even more difficult after a truck accident. Insurance companies may attempt to pay low settlement offers in accident claims, which may not be enough to cover the losses suffered by those injured in trucking accidents.

Attorneys experienced in commercial trucking accidents know the laws regarding insurance coverage and how to negotiate with insurance companies for fair settlements to cover sustained injuries or losses due to wrongful death. They also have extensive knowledge in calculating appropriate settlements based on the extent of injuries so that victims can be fairly compensated for their injuries, pain and suffering, and other associated losses.

Multiple Responsible Parties

One of the unique aspects of accidents with commercial trucks is that there may be multiple parties responsible for the accident. Besides truck drivers, responsibility may lay with truck owners, trucking companies, truck or truck parts manufacturers, and even companies that hire a commercial carrier. Depending on which parties are found to be liable, it is possible to file claims for compensation with any of them after determining accident causation and which parties may be liable for an accident.

Truck Accident Investigation

Determining accident causation in order to assign responsibility in truck accident cases is challenging. Many times it requires extensive investigation into driver, vehicle, and company records as well as research about Federal regulations that pertain and even accident scene reconstruction with the help of forensic specialists. Truck accident lawyers are experienced in finding out the truth about an accident to protect their client's interest by ensuring that responsible parties are identified and fair settlements paid.

In the event that there are disagreements about accident responsibility or settlement amounts, these skilled attorneys can take a case to the courtroom and present a valid, researched presentation supporting their client's position to obtain a fair settlement.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is important that anyone injured in a commercial truck accident retain experienced truck accident lawyers to represent them. Trucking accidents are more complicated than any other accidents involving motor vehicles and require a more specialized expertise than most other accident cases. Individuals who have been injured by a tractor-trailer need the best legal counsel to get the settlement they deserve!

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