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When people are injured in trucking accidents, the evidence from the event is critical for settling injury claims. Before anyone can receive any kind of compensation for their injuries, attorneys must first collect evidence that can help prove what happened and who is at fault. Trucking crashes can be complicated events, so quickly obtaining and preserving the right proof is essential in helping people obtain a suitable settlement for their injuries.

Evidence from the Crash Scene

The first thing that any lawyer must do when investigating trucking accidents is collect and analyze all evidence preserved from the crash scene. While some of this information may be taken by police or an insurance company immediately after the event, attorneys probe more deeply, looking for anything that can be helpful in understanding what happened and how. Evidence collected includes everything from skid marks and roadway damage to the damaged vehicles themselves.

Personal Statements and Eyewitness Accounts

During the investigation of trucking crashes, attorneys will seek statements from those involved in the wreck, as well as eyewitnesses who saw what happened. These accounts are important as they reveal the events that unfolded from all points of view. Eyewitness statements are especially critical as they are seen as an impartial accounting of what happened, how fast vehicles were traveling, whether there was swerving or braking, and other notable details about events that preceded and led to the crash.

Truck Logs and Records

Vehicle records are especially important in the investigation of trucking accidents since they may hold answers concerning a part failure or maintenance issue. Everything from the truck’s inspection reports to details provided by onboard monitoring computers is useful in determining both what happened and the conditions under which the truck was being operated at the time of the wreck. Onboard monitoring and vehicle logs can also indicate things such as system failure, whether the driver tried to brake before the wreck, and other significant information.

Cargo Information

The cargo that trucks are carrying when trucking crashes occur must also be considered as part of the evidence in these cases, since different cargo must be handled in different ways. Dispatch sheets, type and weight of the load, and how cargo was contained in the vehicle are all details that add to the body of proof when trying to determine accident causation and why they occurred.

Truck Driver Information

In addition to evidence about the vehicles involved, lawyers must also investigate the drivers involved in the incident. Employment and safety records are an important part of the proof required, as are health records, past citations, and driver training as well as qualification. Driving logs that indicate how many hours a driver had been on the road at the time of the accident are also critical information for these investigations.

All of this information is critical evidence that must be collected and inspected after trucking crashes. Attorneys must carefully examine this proof to find the cause of the incident in order to help their clients obtain an expedited and fitting settlement. Those injured in trucking accidents must appreciate the value of important crash evidence and the effort required to collect, preserve, and analyze it in order to obtain the best outcome for their injury claim!

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