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Trucking crash attorneys recognize the fact that driving a big rig is difficult work. These vehicles are hard to control and demand much driving expertise. Attorneys who handle truck wrecks also know that avoiding accidents requires attention to detail, along with practicing safe driving and good judgment. To keep these vehicles under control and everyone on the roads safe, trucking wreck lawyers point out the importance of knowing and exercising common sense driving for truckers.

Maintain Safe Speeds

Excessive speed is a common factor in many tractor trailer accidents that trucking crash attorneys deal with after the fact. If you are a driver and operate your loaded rigs at speeds too fast for conditions, the results can be deadly. Excessive speed can result in dangerous swaying and swerving, rollovers, and the inability to stop in time to avoid a collision. Following the speed of surrounding traffic is not a suitable way to gauge speed. To stay safe, drivers must proceed at speeds that are safe and based on the size and weight of their load, road conditions, and other factors.

Maintain Safe Follow Distances

Along with operating at safe speeds, trucking wreck lawyers stress that proper distance between vehicles is another factor that can prevent an accident. Tractor trailers are hard to stop when traveling at highway speed, requiring longer stopping distances than other vehicles on the road.

If you are a truck driver and want to prevent a rear end collision, you must know how to maintain a safe stopping distance based on your speed, adding more distance the faster you travel. Trucking wreck attorneys know that to stay safe, drivers must always keep far enough back that the truck can be stopped in time.

Consider Weather Conditions and Road Hazards

Another factor that drivers must consider while maintaining safe speeds and follow distances is road conditions. Whether traveling in inclement weather or other hazardous conditions that make the road more dangerous, trucking crash attorneys know from the injured clients they see that stopping and maneuvering becomes even more dangerous.

If you operate a big rig, you must exercise good judgment at all times when on the road. Reducing your speed and increasing your following distance becomes even more when the road is unsafe.

According to federal safety law, drivers are required to reduce speeds by one-third or more in certain weather conditions. If necessary, trucking wreck lawyers warn that drivers should go even slower or pull off the road, depending on conditions, to prevent a crash.

Avoid Driver Fatigue

Perhaps the most important thing of all is avoiding driver fatigue. Trucking wreck attorneys stress the fact that fatigue is one of the main causes of truck accidents and should be avoided at all times. Being tired can reduce reaction time, impair cognitive ability, and prevent drivers from making wise decisions. If you are a semi driver, you must adhere to federal hours of service laws and know your own limit. You should always get enough quality sleep.

Today, there are many laws and regulations aimed at helping truck drivers maintain safety on the highways. Yet trucking crash attorneys know that safety demands good judgment on the part of the driver. If you are a driver, you must recognize what constitutes safe driving and practice these skills to avoid accidents. Above all, trucking wreck lawyers encourage drivers to take care of themselves and be alert so they can always make the best driving decisions!

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